idea? - 2/4/2022

my current thoughts on what i want to do with this site:
i am very pleased with the look and simplicity of this blog index
i will create a seperate page which will intend to contain old posts
that archive page will be the actual blog page of the website
this 'index' will show only the most recent entry. for updates.

secondly, the sidebar will contain links to various articles i write.
these articles are what i have yearned to include on this site
ever since the senseless and directionless creation of the site, long ago.

the end goal of the site will be to complete the 'My Games' page.
i will write more later. i intend to keep these short.

ah? - 2/2/2022

as much as i prefer 3 and 7, today seems just as good of a day to begin a blog
but what should i even post here? in a way, i'm not so sure i had any ideas
well, there are a few things i wish to catalogue here, but do not expect them soon.

huh, should i really be speaking as though i have an audience?